Consignment Policy for Self-Published Books

The Blue Bunny Bookstore is happy to support the creative efforts of our self-publishing friends.  Because our store is small and our profit margins small, we can support self-published and small name publishers’ books on a consignment basis only. 

Please note: We are currently reviewing our policy in light of space limitations, and anyone interesting in selling books on consignment needs to check in with someone directly at the store before sending or dropping off books.   The Blue Bunny reserves the right to accept or decline any consigned product based on our evaluation of its fit with our mission, product line, and customer base.  In addition, during the holiday season, it is especially difficult for us to shelve self-published or consigned products.

Regarding in-store events - due to the time and labor involved in preparing and promoting events - The Blue Bunny is unable to host signing events for most self-published books.

Click here to read the terms of our consignment agreement.  Thanks for your understanding.

NOTE:   The most successful self-published books are those that are promoted strongly by their authors.  Use social media and other networking methods to get the word out about your books!