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Blue Bunny Scavenger Hunt

Blue Bunny Scavenger Hunt 
Each item is 10 points....earn 150 points to win a super-cool T-shirt designed by Peter H. Reynolds

__ 1. Make a recipe using carrots--send us a picture.
__ 2. Take a photo with our sheep or bunny outside The Blue Bunny.
__ 3. Take a photo with a real bunny, 5 extra points if the photo also has a employee or volunteer from the Animal Rescue League.
__ 4. Make bunny shaped pancakes or cookies-- send us a picture
__ 5. Find a book with a rabbit on the cover, 5 extra points if the rabbit is blue.
__ 6. Find a framed painting with an image of a book in it.
__ 7. Take a photo inside one of the public school libraries in your town.
__ 8. Take a picture with a piece of Dedham Pottery, 5 extra points if you are at the Historical Society.
__ 9. Find a favorite pet gravestone epitaph at Pine Ridge Pet Cemetery
__ 10. Buy popcorn at the Dedham Community Theatre. 5 extra points if the DCT employee joins you in the photo.
__ 11. Order something you’ve never eaten before at Kouzina, and take photo with one of the Sountilidas family members.
__ 12. Take a photo with the Little Free Library at Town Hall, 5 extra points if you have a Town Hall employee in your photo.
__ 13. Take a photo with one of our Dedham police officers or firefighters.
__ 14. Take a picture with the large rabbit sculpture inside the lobby of the Mother Brook Arts and Community Center.
__ 15. Take a picture inside one of the Dedham Public Libraries, add 5 points if one of the librarians is in the picture.
__ 16. Bring your blue bunny sticker to the top of Blue Hill.
__ 17. Plant carrot seeds.
__ 18. Visit a beach and draw a bunny in the sand.
__ 19. Take a picture of with your favorite book of all time!
__ 20. Take a picture with one of the best teachers you know.
__ 21. Take a picture at one of your favorite places in your hometown.
__ 22. Take a picture with your best friend.
__ 23. Mail a BB bumper sticker to someone far away and have them send a picture.
__ 24. Do something to help our planet...take a picture to spread the news.
__25. Make or draw your own Blue Bunny, Be Creative! Send us a picture!