The Blue Bunny’s Guide to Aspiring Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators

Questions, Answers and Tips for Creativity from Peter H. Reynolds

How do I get started in children’s publishing?
The world of children’s publishing is vibrant and exciting, and understandably appealing to many wonderful creative people.  For some, it is the dream of a lifetime to break through the barriers and have their stories or illustrations published.  The frustrations in the pursuit, however, can be overwhelming to some.  How to begin?  What to write?  How to find a publisher?  How to submit something?

Can Peter Reynolds help me get published?
Peter H. Reynolds has reached success in the children’s book industry after many years of the same questions and frustrations.   Unfortunately, he is not a children’s book publisher, so he cannot help colleagues and friends get work accepted for publication.  You can visit his personal and professional websites, however, for inspiration and advice on creativity.  Peter’s personal website is, and his two professional websites are and

How does the children’s book publishing industry work?  
Manuscripts and artwork are submitted directly to a publisher or an agent (who will then submit them to a publisher) for consideration.  If a manuscript is chosen for publication as a children’s book, the illustrator is generally the choice of the publisher.  Illustration is not usually submitted with a manuscript for consideration. 

How can I work with Peter on a project or get his advice?
Due to Peter’s high visibility at his children’s bookstore, The Blue Bunny, and at his children’s media firm, FableVision, he gets many more requests for advice and collaboration than he can handle.  Thus, although he really does support and applaud the efforts of every potential author and illustrator out there, he cannot agree to advise or work with you on a project.  For several years now, he has been working exclusively with his agent, Pippin Properties, to carefully choose his projects, in order to complete some of his personal publishing goals within the boundaries of a very busy personal and professional life. 

Where can I go for help?
There are some good websites you can browse with lots of information about getting started in children’s publishing.  Check out The Purple Crayon at and The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators at  If you would like to submit an idea directly to Peter’s agent, you can visit for contact information.

In the meantime, Peter would like to share with you some of his suggestions and ideas for getting started in publishing, and exploring your creative potential!  Click here to read more!